Monday, April 9, 2012

Back to Charleston!

Another trip to Charleston has come and gone...and I want to go back NOW! We had a pretty smooth drive down until a crazy storm caught up with us just outside Asheville, North Carolina. It was bad. Bad. And I was driving. However, we made it through, and the rest is, well, history. It was a great 5 days, and warm enough this time to actually spend a day at the beach!

My nerve medicine after that storm!
Next day, heading out across James Island to Folly Beach.

Almost there! I always love crossing the bridge that accompanies any trip to a Southern island beach.

PERFECT weather!

The DFB and GG making sand seahorses.
This little girl kept us all on our toes running full speed down the beach, did a little swimming, played in the sand, and ran some more.

Tuckered out after all the running.
Uncle Junior and GG lovin' on the Dough Faced Baby.
Heading out. I love all of the marshes.

This fellow made me laugh.
Uncle Guy and the DFB on Wappoo Creek.

We met Big Papa for dinner at the Charleston Crab House on Wappoo Creek. There were great views.

And good food. I had shrimp and grits and some delicious she-crab soup.

I didn't get a picture of the soup, but did get a (blurry) picture of this recipe!
We got home just in time...the storms predicted finally rolled in!
Thursday morning, time to exercise! At least for Uncle Junior, Guy, and the DFB (I think Mallory, Big Papa, and I were having mimosas).
Had to represent in Chucktown!
Back to the Old City Market in downtown Charleston. If you want a more in-depth look at downtown, check out my older posts here, and here for details on the Battery.

This guy was playing some pretty great tunes all afternoon.
The City Market has some very high-end items!
Looking across bustling Market Street.
Will the Hall family ever stop opening restaurants?

We couldn't figure out why the City Market was so packed on a Thursday afternoon...until we saw the cruise ship.
After GG and the kids went home, we went on to a party at Dig In the Park in North Charleston. There were some real party animals at that place!

Mallory and Big Papa. Our hosts with the most!

Next day it was time for another trip to a beach, a stop at Red's Ice House, and a lowcountry boil...more on that tomorrow.

And all too soon we were headed back out and across the mountains.

Although we did take a little time to dance in North Carolina. Now how soon can we head back...

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