Friday, April 27, 2012

Colorful Columbines

The Garden is bursting with columbines (Aquilegia) at the moment, and I snapped a few pictures the other day. They are such an easy, pretty much care free flower to grow, and they self seed eagerly, as well. We've had them popping up between brick pavers, under other, taller plants, and even in the vegetable garden (where there is not a single columbine close enough to have just "dropped" seeds). We have many of them in the Shade Garden, but they have done just as well in the full sun bed at the end of the patio. Getting down close to look at them is part of the fun!

I'll post names once I can actually find a few. 

This blue one (and a second little off-shoot) had been growing in the garden for a few years. I moved them  this Spring, and they seem to be happy enough! 

This little one's flowers stay pretty compact. It is called 'William Guinness'. The flowers should be a bit more black rather than burgundy.

This tiny yellow guy may get larger flowers in a few years...

A very pretty bi-color.


  1. oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bi-color...mine are all some terrible black-ish color...but i found one in a garden that has nothing to do with did it get there??? i moved it over with the others!

  2. Isn't she pretty? I have no idea where she came from, but if she gives up some babies I'll get some to you!