Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

After driving home for 13 hours yesterday, the fact that today was Easter helped with the "Vacation Withdrawal" from really setting in. I tried to get some pictures of my decorations last week so I could attempt to "mobile blog". Well, I couldn't figure that out. Therefore, I have some pictures from last week, as well as today. The good news is I had fresh flowers today to replace the ones I had to toss before leaving Tuesday morning.

Now, after spending five days with the most darling 2 year old, and today with a smart and handsome 3 year old, I am exhaustified. Happy Easter!

Some vintage inspired wire baskets (I have a hen, a chick, and a rabbit-all from Martha) hold store bought eggs in the kitchen.

A few speckled eggs and a fuzzy bunny on the desk top in the dining room.
Silver "wrapped" bunnies and gilded eggs in a faux bois pot. Crappy picture.
I love how these look like chocolate bunnies in wrappers. Again, thanks to Martha!

I make a few dozen blown out eggs every year and use them over and over. The bottom one is a less successful "blow-out" with the big crack on the bottom. I still love the way they look.
I found a lot of Christmas ornaments from the Martha Stewart Collection on sale last Christmas, and snatched up a few that would work for Easter. This bunny was one of them.

Papier mache eggs from last year on top of the china cabinet.

More Christmas ornaments turned Easter deco.
A few white china rabbits by the birds nest ferns.
And more Jadeite and Jadeite colors in the kitchen (since all of the Jadeite is still out...although that may change soon). Those eggs are three years old. I made the colors with food coloring and vinegar. Super easy!
A mix of the daffodils still blooming in the garden.
And the last of this Spring's tulips on the coffee table.
This afternoon we had some important business-filling the eggs for the egg hunt.
One in the muscari.

Another in the about-to-burst lily-of-the-valley.

And another under a 'Mount Hood' daffodil in the White Garden. The center turns rather quickly to almost pure they "work" in the White Garden.
Junior was pretty quick to start finding eggs. Especially with Aunt Holly and Uncle Corey helping.

Oops! I haven't cut back the lavender yet. A few obstacles never hurt an egg hunter!

What a good egg hunt.


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