Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hit and Miss-The (Hopefully) Last Freeze Hits the Hydrangeas

I am hoping this past weekend was the final act of Old Man Winter's rather bizarre one man show. Everything is so early that over the past few weeks things have been covered and uncovered so many times, and with excellent results. Well, Friday night the hydrangeas were not covered...and they were hit. But just a little. They should all recover just fine, unlike that week in late April (or was it May?) years ago when temperatures dropped, snow fell, and we lost them all.

All in all, we fared well.

Not hit at all!

Hit a little (notice the black leaves).
Not good at all...

Bad, bad, bad.

The climbing hydrangea is a champ!

Can't wait to see these little blooms.
This is another one of the "Endless" varieties that already had buds.

Thankfully, because it is an "Endless" of some sort, we should still get plenty of blooms.
So. Much. Weeding. To. Be. Done.

These hostas have taken their sweet time emerging from their nap. I thought we had lost them!

The 'Autumn' ferns unfurling their new, bronze colored fronds.

And the little 'Pineapple Upside Down Cake' hosta. One of two in the Hydrangea Border, is well on his way to his summer look.


  1. Awesome photos. Your hydrangea looks great. How are you going to support it?

  2. Hi Venece! I'm not entirely sure. The plan was to use wire secured all the way up to the fascia and sort of let it grab on. We may, however, need to give it something more rough to cling to. As of now it is spreading out at the base as well as up. Hopefully I'll have a solution by the end of the summer!