Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"How Old Are You?" "Old!"

Last Wednesday Junior turned 3 to much fanfare, and a lot of Sponge Bob. When I asked him a few days earlier how old he was going to be, he simply replied "Old!".

The cake his mom and I slaved over on Tuesday. Not bad for having no real plan other than a picture of Sponge Bob!
Sponge Bob was everywhere!
And so was Patrick!

Toy Story 2!

Some Thomas character that I cannot name but am sure Junior can.
Hobbes really wanted to be a part of the action.
Junior got a little bashful when it was time to sing.
But blew out the candles like a champ! (We actually needed to relight them a few times, since he wanted to keep blowing them out.)
Giving Paw Paw a hug after a great birthday!

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