Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sorting Seeds

The time of year is upon us, and if you haven't done it (like me) it is time to get a grasp on what and when you will direct sow in the garden this year. I've already planted peas, of course, as well as the first sowing of mesclun, spinach, radishes, and some cilantro and dill. There is still a lot to get in, however, and a lot of prep work (especially weeding in the Cutting Garden) to complete. 

Even though the weather has been rather mild for the time of year, I still haven't really rushed anything. I won't plant the beans or okra until Mother's Day (the okra I may actually wait another week to plant) and the sunflowers and zinnias and zucchini will wait, as well. This Sunday, hopefully, the second sowing of greens and radishes will go in, and hopefully I can clean up some space in the Cutting Garden to plant the cosmos...but we'll have to wait and see.

I've actually lightened the load a bit. I haven't needed to buy peas in YEARS. I am running low on zinnias, though. Otherwise, only a few new seeds have been purchased.

Plenty of basil to put in (probably at the end of May).

And I've replaced the mesclun I've already planted. This should see us through the summer.

I need to buy more 'Royal Burgundy' beans-they were extremely prolific last year. I'm low on wax beans, as well.

I'm excited about this 'Burgundy' okra I ran across. Does it turn green when cooked like the burgundy beans? We shall see!
This was another thing I brought home from Charleston. I've not seen these "upright" elephant ears to buy as a bulb around here. The leaves are quite a bit different than the usual ones, too.
I am really excited to see how these cosmos do. They look almost like peonies.

And after last Summer's triumph with sunflowers, I have really stocked up on them for this year. I am not sure, however, where to fit them in.
The planning has begun...and helps me stay on task. If the weather seems to change a bit, this may alter a little. Tomato and pepper plants, however, WILL NOT go in before Mother's Day Weekend. And the 29th can't get here soon enough. I'm ready to get my dining room back.
Speaking of one, perfect, Meyer lemon is beginning to turn that shade of orange-yellow this fruit is known for. The skin is still pretty firm, but it should be ripe in no time at all.

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