Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The White Garden is Shaping Up

I really do love when you can see ideas begin to come together. The White Garden, began as a whim, is quickly turning out to be a a future Spring show stopper. I am really going to need to do some research on some summer blooming, high shade, white flowers. For now, however, I am happy picturing how amazing this little area at the edge of the Garden will look in, oh, maybe three more seasons. On the list to add are more Casablanca lilies (lots more), more white delphinium, more anemones, and, of course, more daffodils. Oh, and perhaps a peony, or two. One of the lilacs seems to have suffered greatly during the fluctuating temperatures this Spring, and I'm afraid it will need to be removed. If so, I plan on planting a Kousa dogwood in it's place.

Take a look at how the White Garden is shaping up in it's first Spring!

I should never have feared the 'Mount Hood' daffodils being too "creamy". They turn a brilliant white very fast!
This corner just needs to fill in now (in the meantime, we will be filling it in with annuals).
We've never had much luck with azaleas but, happily, it looks as though our luck has changed!
Some mini white Asiatic lilies have multiplied nicely!
And the Lily-of-the-Valley that I moved last year has come up around the azalea and under the bench, which is in dire need of repairs-or removal. Perhaps a trellis or tuteur of some sort for a white clematis could replace it...
We found these little, white, 'Snowdrop' anemones last weekend. They, too, should act as a ground cover. I want to go back and get a few more for the opposite side of the path.
The surviving lilac is doing quite well, and smells WONDERFUL!
This mild Winter has also made all of our delphiniums come back with a vengeance. We usually have to nurse them along a bit. Not this year!
One of the white bleeding hearts from last summer.
And one of two new ones just planted.
The white Japanese anemone suffered a bit from the frost.
With the addition of a few more 'Snowdrop' anemones and some more Lilly-of the Valley, I would say a third of the little Garden will be complete! Once the hostas begin to spread, as well as the Lilly-of-the-Valley, this corner should remain pretty lush through the end of Summer. Boy we need to edge!
I still need to move this clump of sweet smelling 'Thalia' daffodils into the White Garden. Let me know if you see any white perennials out there!

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