Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Around The Garden May 2, 2012

I should have titled this "Weeding, Weeding, Weeding" because that is all we've been doing. The poor little tiller died last Fall, so right now all I have is my own two hands (and spade, and weed digger, and cultivator). I really had hoped to tackle more on Tuesday, but the rain started, so I hurried to snap some pictures and then headed home. This Sunday I need to be in full Weed-Attack mode.

This big area of dirt is the new Shade Garden annex. Or perhaps it should be called the "joiner" as it joins the two smaller beds into one larger garden. We worked all day on Sunday getting this cleaned up. A path will begin at the posts and curve to the right of the wash-tub (covering a bag of dirt) and curve back around to between the row of hardly detectable daffodils on the far side. 
Since the pink daffodils were planted along the front edge of the old bed (we took out the wood edging when we connected everything) I decided to keep a path running along here so the long row wouldn't look so strange midway in a bed.

The old sandbox bed is lush, lush, lush-especially after the rain!
Here's another look. The curving section in front of the sandbox bed was new last fall, and is in need of mulch and a permanent edging of some sort. You can sort of see here how the Shade Garden will all come together. Especially once we get a dogwood planted. And perhaps another tree peony up near the house...or maybe another azalea.

Looking from the North entrance to the Garden. The oldest section of the Hydrangea Border is on the left, and the new-last-year Peony Border (which has surpassed my expectations for a first year planting) and White Garden are on the right. Again, beds and edges need to be defined along the grass path that leads directly to the Kitchen Garden. I would also like to get a rain barrel for that downspout.
The clematis are already starting their show!

As are the poppies! This is the first one of the Spring (and I brought it home with me today).

The ants are already busy drinking the nectar of the peony buds.
We kept an azalea alive-and it seems to like it's spot! This, my friends, is very encouraging to me.
The white astilbe seem happy, too!

The chives are ready to burst. Notice the weeds? 

A couple of years ago when we moved all of the herbs to the OUTSIDE of the Kitchen Garden, many decided to hide out and re sprout. The oregano doesn't really bother me.

But the lemon balm is out of control. I'm afraid this bunch is going to be dug out completely. Oh! Notice all the weeds?

The peas need to be trellised. 

The calendula (grown from seeds saved last year) are all up!

And it looks like we may have a bumper crop of currants! All six bushes are doing extremely well!
The allium in the Cutting Garden are the first to bloom after the tulips and hyacinths (though the Dutch iris are quick on their heels). The red raspberries have come back strong since the ugly little bunnies ate them down over the winter. They are, in fact, getting a little out of hand!

And the first buds have begun to appear!

The black berries are also saying "Screw you, rabbits! You can't beat us!"

It's the second year for the little gooseberry that was purchased bare root.

This one was also destroyed by a varmint, but is doing his best to catch up. Look! More weeds!!! And we already weeded this area!
I'm really excited that the 'Black Out' Asiatic lilies I just planted a month ago are coming up strong. They looked like really healthy, large bulbs when I bought them. I guess they were!

I keep trying to spread things around. This year there are alliums blooming in almost every bed. We should also have a lot of Asiatic and Oriental lilies this year. I also moved around some iris and poppies (which will probably do nothing for a few years). I hate having one thing bloom in one section, and then look empty the rest of the year. Our Garden just isn't big enough for that. Now it is beginning to take on a much more cohesive look.
I cannot wait to get these two new hellebore my friend and fellow gardener Marissa gave me a heads up on a week ago. They are from Neuhouser Nursery

Then the rain really started falling (captured here on some Alchemilla).

And with one last look at the (formerly) white trillium, it was time to go.

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