Friday, May 18, 2012

Blooms, Blooms, Blooms-Mid May Around the Garden

Things continue to pop up early-and some surprisingly late-this Spring. We've seem some freakishly warm weather, and now a long dry spell (which is bad news for germinating seeds). More importantly, however, I continue to see the Garden beginning to mature. A garden is, of course, never "complete", but this Spring things seem to really be filling in, spreading out, and "growing up". There is still so much to do, but I also feel like there are moments now when we can also sit back and enjoy.
A male Brown Headed Cow Bird enjoying a bath. Cow Birds are brood parasitic, meaning they lay their eggs in other birds' nests and leave them to raise the baby Cow Birds, often to the detriment of the host birds hatch lings. 

What the? Hey there, daffodil! Guess you decided to sleep in this Spring.

Dutch (thanks Anika) iris mixing with some garden rununculus.

More yellow in the form of allium 'Moly'.

I've already said we are going to have quite a show of Asiatic, and hopefully Oriental, lilies this year. They just keep growing taller and taller!

The lavender clematis in the Berry Patch continues to bloom, both double and single.

Junior really enjoys watering everything.

I even bought him a much more manageable watering can.

An enormous poppy bloom.

Some more Dutch Iris.

The shrub rose we planted last year has a bit of a bad case of black spot already.

A climber I need to check the tag to identify.

An allium 'Schubertii' blooming in one of the perennial beds.

One of the more fragrant peonies in the Cutting Garden.

Mama Rabbit was having a feast on these Oriental lilies. Just when I think we have them beat...

I bought my Mom a lovely Tree Peony for Mother's Day (again, from Neuhouser's). It is almost as large as the yellow one that has been growing in full sun (which Tree Peonies usually dislike) for years. 

This one has been planted in a spot at the edge of the Shade Garden where it will get more of the "dappled sunlight" they prefer. Now we just have to wait another year to see it bloom!

The herbaceous peonies in the Shade Garden are just beginning to open.

Over in the White Garden, this delphinium is growing really tall. It's about 3 1/2 feet right now. I hope it's still white! 

The small 'Snowdrop' anemones have begun to let their seeds fly.

And I keep sort of pushing them into the ground and watering them in hopes that they will grow!

One of the new peonies. Extremely fragrant, and white! But it's now at the end of the row where I thought the white one was planted...

Another one of the new peonies in the Peony Border. The flower is as big as my hand.

The Hydrangea Border is looking great, despite the frost. This is such a tidy edging of brick...I really need to get to work on all the rest of the beds...

These little pinks have such a strong, spicy scent for such little flowers. (They are called 'pinks' because the edges look like they've been pinked with pinking sheers.)

The climbing hydrangea is blooming. Now I really need to start planning on a way for it to climb up the house.

This bronze/brown bearded iris is really rather amazing. Such an unusual color for a flower.

Asiatic lilies 'Black Out' pushing up taller and taller in one of the daylily beds.

And some Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia) pushing up right below one of the hummingbird feeders. Perfect, since hummingbirds LOVE the nectar.

And more Dutch Iris. We've spread them around the Garden quite a bit. Just another way the Garden is maturing and growing more and more as a cohesive whole everyday.


  1. Psst, the white/yellow irises are Dutch. They're bulbs, unlike other irises.

    LOVE your Schubertii allium...none of my alliums are blooming yet.

    And ofc the 3 $$ bulbs I splurged on look to have died. BASTARDS!

  2. Crap! I know better than that! Changes have already been made. We used to have 5 of the Schubertii alliums, and now I only ever see this one. I may move him, since I think the others were engulfed by other things like this guy is about to be.