Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dropping By Neuhouser Garden and Gifts

After dropping Dave and Jeannette off at FWA, I took the back roads to Neuhouser Garden and Gifts where my friend Marissa had a 'Pixwell' gooseberry waiting for me. I love strolling around Neuhouser's, and checking out what's new in their nursery. They have so many plants that you cannot find at Lowes or the other Big Box stores (seriously, I was super excited to find toad lilies today, and if you like cone flowers, they have ALL the latest colors). I need to visit more frequently, and after an afternoon working on the Shade Garden (I actually have a path laid out, and now the real planning can begin), I know just where I have room for several plants I saw today. I urge you to stop by and take a look!

Such a lovely place to spend some time wandering around.

I bought two Canadian Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) plants. They love moist, deep to partly shaded areas, and will work as a ground cover in the Shade Bed. It is a native species, and a protected species in Maine.

Some lovely Solomon's Seal that will be perfect for the White Garden. I love the variegated ones.
Sometimes I really wish there was a place for a fountain in the garden, but my Mom and Dad might kill me.

LOVE these turquoise pots and bird bath.
More Natives. I forget the name of these, but they get a flower a bit like the newer bleeding hearts. They also had some white trillium.

I am loving all of the different hues of heuchera now available.

I've seen this 'Bear's Breeches' (Acanthus mollis) in all stages so far this Spring, from just beginning to bud and now in full bloom. I definitely need to find a spot for this guy!

Oh! And did I mention they still have a few Meyer lemon trees? I haven't bought one yet because really, I need to limit myself and it is too big to overwinter. Right?

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