Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Going on the Vegetable Garden

On Sunday we decided to really tackle the Vegetable Garden (wait...I mean Kitchen Garden-is that what I'm calling it this year?) and even went against all we believe in as gardeners-we planted tomatoes one week early. We hold certain traditions as gospel, and one of those traditions is not planting any tender vegetables or annuals before Mother's Day. Well, the weather finally got to us, and as we were looking at the rather extensive selection of heirloom tomatoes, we took the plunge. 

I'm really not too worried, as there is no real danger of frost this week. They will just have some slow growing at first. No big deal. Plus, we only know how to plant in Zone 5, so maybe the week BEFORE Mother's Day is the proper time to plant in our new classification as Zone 6. At any rate, we planted the tomatoes, as well as a lot of seeds.

There was a lot of weeding to be done, and we have a lot of herbs to move (or, in the case of the lemon balm, remove), but I was pretty happy with what all we accomplished. I still need to find a better place to move the lavender...
The mesclun is looking great!
And the 'Casablanca' lilies I planted as a draw to pollinators are up and growing pretty strong.
At long last I've begun moving some of the overwintered plants out of the Penthouse and into the Garden. All of the rosemary will be fine at this point.
We bought 9 tomato plants. Last year we had about 13 or 14. Not sure if I want to repeat with that many this year. We bought three cherry/grape (an orange, a red, and a "black"), two 'Roma', a 'Golden Boy', A 'Pink Girl', a 'Black Prince' and one more...that I cannot remember. 'Jet Star', maybe.

Three more tucked in around the overwintered carrots (that are really starting to look pretty good).

All of the sunflowers are planted. One long row of 'Mammoth'.
The peas will be done by the time the sunflowers begin to overshadow them.
And another six varieties/mixes on the opposite side (along with a few more 'Mammoth').
Junior took a minute to watch a worm he released back into the "wild".
Put in several rows of beans ('Royal Burgundy' and wax beans).

As well as several rows of beets. There was an article in the paper about the Farmer's Almanac that said under no circumstances were you to plant seeds on May 8th and 9th. I'm not sure why, but if you look online at the Almanac it says, simply, "Do no planting" on these days. So Tuesday I will just weed...
And there is plenty of weeding to be done, beginning with the massive thistle pictured (though blurry) in the  Mint Patch at the bottom of the picture. I also need to support the peas. And weed the Cutting Garden. And continue harvesting herbs for drying. And, and, and...

I love this lowdown view of the chive border. Chives (in fact all members of the allium family) deter pests. I had once planned on edging the Cutting Garden with them, as well, but stopped after about ten feet. Perhaps I should have continued...

Then it was time to clean up and move on to the next adventure. Happy planting, everyone! (Just not on the 8th or 9th!)

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