Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kitchen Garden Update

 After a few days of pretty hard, but pleasant, work, most all of the planting in the Kitchen Garden is complete. Almost. I need to construct a few bamboo arbors for some squash to climb, as well as get a few more rows of okra in (I ran out of seed after two rows!) And then it will be time for resowing lettuce and mesclun, spinach and, later, radishes and carrots. 
 The herbs are still growing crazily along the paths ("Out! Out! Damn Lemon Balm!), but that may be remedied this weekend. Sunday we will hopefully receive the first load of mulch. Now that we have many beds weeded, I'd rather not have to weed them again. I also need them for the paths in the Kitchen Garden. Then we need only to plant some marigolds and nasturtium, and then turn our attention to the Cutting Garden. I need to get my zinnias and cosmos planted!

One of my great blurry photos. The lemon balm will begin to be removed this weekend, hopefully corralling it back to a single area...for a few years. The parsley is also getting a bit out of hand, but I love it, so I'm freezing just as much as I'm using fresh.
The last two tomatillos I found huddled and lonely at Main's.

Looking from the Northwest corner into the Garden. The tuteur has one 'Hillbilly' tomato planted in a corner, and a few zucchini (which I know will get out of hand, and cucumbers on the other sides. May have been a mistake to plant the zucchini there, but I may be able to let it head across the path to the back fence (and climb the sunflowers?).
Another blurry shot. I have the okra ('Clemson Spineless' and 'Burgundy') in two long rows here, with more to plant. There is also a row of onions (which we are rarely successful with growing) and some beets toward the back (in this pic, the far right) of the garden in front of the sunflowers. 

Speaking of sunflowers, the Mammoths are coming up!

As are all of the rest of them!

The Southeast, or "Shady", bed is where I like to plant the mesclun and spinach and various lettuces to help keep them from bolting in the heat (all of the sweet peas are also along the fence in this bed and the one directly to the North). That tower of ferny leaves that looks as if it is collapsing is some German chamomile (which is almost ready to start harvesting) that volunteered this year.
The Romaine lettuce is looking healthy.

I will definitely be able to pick some mesclun this weekend!

The spinach, that has taken quite a while to germinate, is coming up pretty spotty. I may plant some more in a different bed and put in some loose leaf lettuce.
Across the way the cabbage looks great, and calendula (which I planted all over the place) is also looking healthy!
Peppers are in! They will be a bit snug if they grow well, but should be fine. There are also some 'Burgundy' garden beans in here that have just begun to sprout.
Sugar snap peas are blooming!
I also put in a few rows of turnips between the peppers.
More calendula, sown later than the rest, is popping up. I wanted to put in all the seeds I had saved the past few years because I was afraid some would not be viable. Guess I was wrong! I should be able to quadruple (at least!) the number of seeds I had to begin with by the end of Summer!

Ugh...the lemon balm just won't quit. It smells so lovely, but it is self seeding WAY too fast. I'll deal with it this weekend.

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