Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend This and That

 Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and with it the first return trip of Dave and Jeannette since they moved to the wilds of McAllen, Texas. Fun, friends, food, and a few drinks-if this weekend was a hint at what the Summer has in store, it is going to be fantastic. I don't usually do a weekend wrap-up post, but that is what this is going to be (and will also be an explanation as to why I've not posted in a week).

It was going to be a scorcher.

Friday after work I went directly to the Deck to meet up with the gang and was met with...a Gurktini. Disgusting, but it does the job. We soon moved on to a late night on the patio at Henry's. Wonderful start to the weekend (even with having consumed most of the Gurktini).

Dave and Jake. Back in action.

On Saturday at the end of a long work day I had the best surprise ever when Guy brought the Dough Faced Baby to see me at work. I hadn't seen her since we got back from Charleston, and she is more adorable than ever. Oh, and hilarious!
A quick trip to my parents showed the currants are ready to begin harvesting. I have baggy number one in the fridge.

All of the figs and most of the houseplants have moved to the garden for the summer. Now I have an uninterrupted view of this old guy right outside my window.

I stopped at the garden primarily for mint. It was going to be hot, so mojitos sounded like the best way  to cool off. It worked. Jeannette, Guy, and I sipped and talked until 4:45 a.m. Oops! I had to go to work at 7 a.m. to take down a wedding. Thankfully we were finished around 8:30a.m. Now I was REALLY free for the weekend.

Came home and looked at the loveliest peony we have grown in the garden ever...and then took a nap.

That afternoon, with Dave and Jake at the 500, Jeannette, Horsewood, and I headed down to the Deck for some cool drinks and dinner in the gazebo.

Fried chicken sandwich. Delicious.

With all of our Race-goers returned, we watched as Rex and Dave discovered they were long lost Indy BFFs.

Today, after hanging out in a steaming hot gas station parking lot, we headed off to the steaming hot TinCaps game.

Horsewood kept us all entertained with her stories. Most of which should not be repeated.
Stop! Shut it, Horse!
Krista agreed that it was pretty funny.

Even Guy gave in to the ridiculousness after a while. 

Then off to Hank's to wait on the rest of the attendees of the Farewell (Again) Dinner. Like I said, it was a fantastic weekend.

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