Monday, May 21, 2012

Meyer Lemon Pound Cake

After a week or so of debating (as well as searching for recipes that would only require one lemon) I decided to use the little Meyer lemon I grew myself on my own tree in a pound cake. I halved the recipe, and therefore had just enough zest and juice. And it was wonderful. I used this recipe. And if you want to see EXACTLY what it looked like in my kitchen while I was making it, watch this video.
My lemon was finally put to use! The "great grater" is the best thing ever (as I know I've said many a time). It's a "grate" find!

All of the ingredients for the halved recipe. 

Easy way to butter your pan-use up every bit of the butter on the wrapper.

This is the second time in two weeks that I've had a double yolk. Is that lucky?

Get that Kitchenaid workin', baby!

Folding in the zest at the end of mixing...

...and into the buttered and floured loaf pan it goes!

It came out pretty darn nice looking. 

Used the rest of the zest and the juice from the lemon, and about a cup and a half of powdered sugar for the glaze.

Really just add sugar until it is the consistency you want.

I only glazed about 2/3's of it, since Guy was coming over (ignore the bottles in the background) and I had imagined he wouldn't want any glaze. I was wrong. Oh well, it was still pretty delicious with and without. I think I did my first homegrown Meyer lemon proud.

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