Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Off to Summer Camp (For My Citrus)

At long last (although a week earlier than normal) my collection of citrus trees and figs ave moved out of the Penthouse and into the garden for the summer. After checking the forecast for the week, I decided to jump ahead of Memorial Day weekend and move them out today, as they do so well being out of the house. It has been a long winter for these guys, and come fall I may need to invest in some new grow lights, but for now they are enjoying the fresh air.
All loaded up. The two Meyer lemons have lost a LOT of leaves in the past few weeks. Time outside should bring them back to normal, however. The first one to drop leaves already has a lot of new buds.

The three citrus trees I've had the longest, mere sticks when they arrived, did really well this winter. 

Two of the fig trees. They are getting used to the outside in the dappled light of the Shade Garden.

Another fig (this is one of the two that I smuggled back from Charleston) near flats of annuals waiting to be planted.

And all of the citrus. All of these guys will benefit greatly from a long summer outside. For now, they, too, are in filtered light as they get acclimated to the change. Next I need to figure out where they will be relocated in a week or so. Here's hoping all these guys are happier and healthy before they move back to the Penthouse in October!

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