Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Flowers in the Penthouse

So far this Spring I have been lucky enough to have at least three vases of flowers in the Penthouse every week, and usually more. My desk, the bathroom, and my nightstand are always prime candidates for an small arrangement or just a single bloom (especially with peonies). Here are some shots from the past month or Spring blooming bulb season.
Our yellow tree peony always gives show stopping flowers. I can't wait to see what the new tree peony produces next year!
Big peony blooms cut short (so other buds could develop more) and placed in shot glasses is an easy way to show off the wonderful flowers.

Out of the way places are nice for a surprise arrangement of some sort. The old telephone niche in the hallway was a perfect place for the branching yellow ranunculus.

Some alliums, chive flowers, hosta leaves, and pore ranunculus.

I love this mix of Dutch iris, clematis (a wonderful, and often overlooked cut flower) and allium and chive blossoms, with a few lime green heuchera leaves thrown in.
A few weeks ago this enormous, vivid red single peony stole the show.

Almost as large as my hand! (I must confess to saving the prettiest flowers for my desk, since they are the ones I will look at the most)

Some vary fragrant blooms from the new-last-year shrub rose.

A sort of sloppy mix of what was blooming last week, with peonies already falling apart.

And the next show stopper. Perhaps the prettiest peony bloom we have ever grown. Gorgeous!

A blurry picture of red snapdragons, heuchera and hosta leaves, and some white penstemon.

And today...a mix of hybrid tea, floribunda, and shrub roses. I know the lavender one is 'Lady X', and the red and white is 'Snowfire'. Both old roses my mom has had for thirty years. The yellow rose and the floribunda (the salmon colored ones in the middle) are just as old...but I don't know the names.

A much prettier mix of what's blooming. Delphinium, yarrow, and some Asiatic lilies.

The three little yellow dahlias survived the mild winter (we never dug them up) and I am so, so happy.

Even less than perfect, peonies are still one of the most beautiful flowers. The white one has begun to turn brown, but still smells amazing! I only hope the Garden keeps this up as the Spring turns to Summer!

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