Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Window Boxes 2012

 With overwintered plants moving (slowly but surely) to the garden, I've regained access to the big French doors in the living room, which means I could finally plant the empty, ugly window boxes. Since I keep the screens out in the side doors for easy watering (because the window boxes need to be watered everyday), I always have to wait until I can open the center doors before planting the boxes-and I made sure I could do that this past weekend. (This link might help make more sense of what doors I'm talking about) 

After a trip to Main's, Meijer, and Lowes (where I had a major score) I was ready to plant.

I've been looking at this ugly thing all winter-with hardly any snow to cover the depressing dirt. Oh! And the edges are jagged because the narrow little Juliet balcony wouldn't accommodate a regular window box, so I had to trim the edges.

A blurry pic of this years palette. Pretty much a bright (indeed, the blue/purple petunias look almost neon in the sun) palette of classic annuals-geraniums, petunias, and coleus.

Got busy right away, removing quite a bit of the old dirt and replacing it with new potting mix. The white petunias are 'Cascade' petunias-not quite a 'Wave', I guess. The others are just regular old petunias.
I really packed the plants in, but that's alright for a seasonal planter. The sweet potato vine adds some chartreuse, and will cascade down the outer edges of the two boxes (they are planted as mirror images) with the 'White Cascade' petunias falling from the center and inside edges.

The dark purple-black coleus is a nod to Guy's suggestion that the color palette be "Black". I actually found some black petunias, but they were pricey! Plus, I had a black and lime green palette last year.

When I went to Lowes, all I wanted to find were some cheap old seed geraniums (since Meijer only had 8 packs of red and white). I totally lucked out, finding an employee marking down all of the seed geraniums to $.49! I bought a lot (to use at Mom and Dad's, as well) and also bought two of these larger, healthy ones (above) marked down to $1.49! Once again, there is hardly ever any reason to pay full price for annuals. They may look like crap at first, but they will come back with no problem.

This is one of the smaller seed geraniums with very bright, fuchsia blooms. See how the blue-lavender petunias sort of change colors on the same plant? 

I now have a much nicer view out the windows...can't wait to see how they fill in! 


  1. Please come and do mine...and my planters as well...i am TERRIBLE at planters and window boxes!!! Can you see the jagged edges when the plants are grown??

  2. Ha! I sort of wing it with the planters, but if you can wait until next Tuesday, perhaps we could take a little field trip...
    And no, the edges disappear as soon as the plants fill in. Do you think I would have visible ugly edges? ;)