Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zoo Trip 2012 (First of the Season)

I had a laundry list two pages long on Tuesday, but when my sister sent me a text saying "We're going to the Zoo in a while, do you want to come with us?" I tossed my list out the window. It was a perfect day. Sunny, breezy, and cool enough that all the animals were pretty active.

Woot! The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!!!!
I once said I thought pelicans weighed about 30lbs. Everyone laughed (these were the brown kind that fly up and down the Carolina beaches). I SWEAR these guys look at least 30lbs, and yes, J-BROWW, I know their bones are hollow. 

Sizing up the lion's paw.

Oh! Hello, Bill!

After pointing the "lion's butt!" out to everyone gathered around (and there was quite a crowd), Junior posed for a pic.

The Leopard was looking quite regal. Who says the Lion is King of the Beasts?

The Giraffes were busy being Giraffes.

While Junior fed one of the bulls.

Make sure to wash your hands after feeding the Reticulated Giraffes!

Being a little bashful at how good he is on the drums.
The female Orangutan was pretty active.

Even coming up to the window to pose for pictures.
This Sea Lion was being hilarious-blowing bubbles while floating upside-down.
This really cracked Junior up.
I swear (and my sister agreed) that this was the first time in 20 years that we actually SAW the Otters!
This is the third year I've taken this picture of Junior at the Jelly Fish. I love it.

And he loves the Jelly Fish!

We got the Kookaburras to laugh! I mean sing! There's a trick, and if you I ever see you at the Zoo, I'll show you!

Junior showed us where the Eastern Grey Kangaroo was laying in the shade.

I have been waiting to see these little guys.

"A baby dingo ate my baby!" I wonder how many times these cuties have had to hear Meryl Streep jokes...
All of the Peacocks were putting on shows, as well. 

Geese get on my nerves at parks (because of the poo). The Goslings, however, are awfully adorable.
The Aladabra Tortoises were even walking around! 

This guy was yacking away up a tree, trying to get everyone's attention.

Practicing his lift-off.

Practicing his Tortoise riding.

Bad picture, but this little pig was a GENIUS! He would sit, and stay, and follow-all on command! Better than a dog! I want a little pig.

I looked over and saw a rather tame Great Blue Heron.

Meanwhile, it was time to see the goats. "These are nice goats, Uncle Matt, not bad ones."

These were the bad (or spirited) ones. They kept head-butting each other. You can see the buff colored one going in for the attack.

The Miniature Donkey's were eager to come up for a nuzzle and a scratch behind the ear. I want some Miniature Donkeys!

Junior did a quick comparison of the Family Farm's garden to the one at Grandma and Papa's. The zoo came in a close second. Just sayin'.

Then it was time to pump some water, just in case any of the animals were thirsty.

Eleven babies! Just imagine! I'm always afraid the swarming Carp will eat the Ducklings, so I throw the food as far out as I can.
This is where the garbage goes.

One last picture. Thanks for a great day, Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!

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