Friday, June 22, 2012

Curried Carrot Soup

Early last Fall I planted a row of carrots, hoping to mulch them after they sprouted and have them winter over and be ready to harvest earlier in the Summer than if I sowed them in the Spring. It worked pretty well. I never thinned them, so many were quite small, but there were also plenty of good sized, extremely sweet, carrots to be enjoyed. I used this recipe from Martha to make some super delicious curried carrot soup with the last bunch I dug up. I LOVE it. So good!
The final harvest of the "early" carrots. Because the soil isn't without small rocks, or maybe some clay, or just not cultivated deep enough, they grew a bit wonky.

Most of them all cleaned up!

Ingredients minus the butter and lemon juice. I used vegetable stock rather than chicken.

I love the bright yellow you get cooking with curry.

After the carrots are tender and cooled a bit, it's time to puree.

I can't get it quite as smooth in the Cuisinart as I could in a blender, but it's smooth enough for me!

Back in the pot, add the lemon juice, and...

Voila! So, so good. Despite the fact that it looks a bit like baby food.

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