Monday, June 11, 2012

East State Village Farmer's Market

Several weeks ago my friend Abigail signed up for the East State Village Farmer's Market to sell some of her vintage finds, and I agreed to help her out. She has a great eye, as well as great luck, in finding great items. This was the first go at the booth, and, with some minor changes, we will be back in action this Sunday from 12-4. Come out and see us! We already have plans for some future "theme" weekends, such as an International-Americana Day (Pyrex Bicentennial dishes and old Japanese name two items). Oh, and the produce is already rolling in! I bought some delicious, FRESH, strawberries, blueberries, and a pound of green beans. This Farmer's Market business might bankrupt me...
We sort of had a plan...

Lots of wonderful kitchen items!

Some lovely Harkerware "Springtime" ironstone dishes.
This was the "See America / Pic-a-nic" table. It's difficult for me to keep from buying everything, like that AWESOME cake carrier on the far right. $5 California salt and pepper shakers are a great deal!

More of the table. Abigail was even kind enough to let me slip some things into the booth (like my California tray).

Great mid-Century items. (Yes, the fold-up tea cart is for sale, and yes, the percolator lights up)

I really feel like I should own this chafing dish...but I'm holding off. For now.

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