Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Solomon to Celebrate Another Solomon

Today I made another trip out to Neuhouser's, this time to purchase some Solomon's Seal. I was rushing around quite a lot because I had to go into work for an hour or so this afternoon. The weather was so hot that I wanted to get him planted and watered well. As I was digging the hole it dawned on me that today is the first birthday of a little friend of mine named Solomon. I don't see him nearly enough, but when I do he's usually pretty lovey. 

So here's to hoping that my Solomon's Seal grows as quickly as the Birthday Boy is growing. And here's to a job well done, Clare and Eric! Happy First Birthday, Solly!

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum commutatum) is a member of the Lily family and is native to North America. It does great in a Woodland Garden, and I am excited to add one to our Shade Garden. In the Spring it gets rather small, dangling white flowers. The foliage, however, is what people want. It's arching stems add interest and another layer of texture to the shady spots in the garden. I hope he likes where I planted him!

Oh, and the drought continues. Even if they aren't calling it a drought yet. I switched to the "Heavy Shower" hose attachment. This guy puts out water way faster than the usual, multi-settings nozzle.

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