Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick Vegetable Garden Update

I've been so busy working, planting (everything at Main's in New Haven is 50% off), and enjoying the Summer, that I've been neglecting my wee little blog. So much is changing every single day in the Garden I can't keep up. The Shade Garden is really coming together. The Berry Patch has been great to us this year (and has some soon to be new residents), and the part set aside for the Cutting Garden is beginning to grow. The heat and drought have been a battle, but as of now we are winning. Here's a few pics I took in the Kitchen Garden on Tuesday.
Already getting ripe!

The okra is up! As is the weed right next to the okra.

Eight newly planted (from the 50% off sale) little cucumbers along the back fence where the shelling peas were.

The sunflowers are also doing somewhat well. They were taller than this by now last year.

I keep buying tomato plants and tucking them in wherever I find the space. I'm really running out of room, though.

Zucchini. These guys are totally going to run out of room.

Tons of Roma tomatoes growing on a still rather short vine. No signs of Blossom End Rot yet, though one of the other tomatoes has already been blighted.


The 'Royal Burgundy' (I call them purple) beans are almost ready to start picking!

I've never grown tomatillos...not sure what to expect aside from them getting TALL.

The cabbage is beginning to form a head.

This bed is actually doing pretty good. Cabbage, calendula along the front, broccoli (I've already picked some), some late planted peppers, and wax beans. And weeds. And some dill.

And my 'Charleston Gray' watermelon is doing pretty good. He's in a pot in case I need to move him elsewhere to ramble about a bit. I also impulsively purchased a four pack of cantaloupe today (again, 50% off) and am currently trying to figure out where the hell I can grow them. I think I thought we had a field somewhere, or something.

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