Friday, June 15, 2012

Rabbit Wars Episode II : Return of the Lepus

This really is War. After the weeding and pulling and digging in the blackberry brambles, followed by the blocking of the gate in the Kitchen Garden, I thought I had shown the rabbits who was boss. Then they made a midnight raid and ate almost every new Oriental (and a few Asiatic) lily in the garden. 

Time to get the fox urine pellets and an air rifle. Let the War of the Lilies begin!


The 'Scheherazade' lilies I was so excited about. This would have been the first year they bloomed.

One managed to survive. Hopefully he is too tall to be chewed to the ground.

In the White Garden they waited until the buds were open and then ate the flowers. There was one single bud on one single stalk when I was over on Wednesday.

My 'Casablanca' and 'Muscadet' lilies...gone.

Really gone. 

I can't even look anymore.

The 'Blackout' Asiatic lilies have survived and are quite lovely (though the heat is making them fade fast).

I'm not sure what these Asiatics are called, but they are in the raised bed by the patio where the ancient stand of 'Stargazer' lilies are still safely growing. But that will be all. The fragrant blooms I had looked forward too will now be reduced to one stalk of 'Scheherazade', one stalk of 'Casablanca' (planted inside the Kitchen Garden fence to draw pollinators) and the 'Stargazer's. Effing rabbits.

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