Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stewed Rhubarb

Springtime always means an abundance of rhubarb, both at the grocery and (if you're lucky) in the garden. Rhubarb is something we have yet to be very successful growing, but when it comes in season I always buy the best I can find to use fresh, as well as chop up and stock the freezer for the rest of the year. I decided to make some stewed rhubarb after talking about it with my friend Donna a few weeks ago...and we both agree that we like anything rhubarb to be more tart than sweet.
There is really no recipe, just rhubarb, a bit of water, and sugar. I used the last of the frozen and two stalks of fresh (replacing the "old" frozen with some "new").

After cooking the rhubarb in the water for a bit (really a scant amount of water is needed...just to keep the rhubarb from scorching before it begins to release it's juices) I tossed in some strawberries I had on hand, and added the sugar. It depends on how much you are making, but if you start with a cup you can taste and add as you go.

My friend Tina brought me some wonderful Meyer lemons from her tree in California...and I've been using them every chance I get.

Grated a bit of zest and added the juice (because I love anything lemon-again, this is all too taste).

All done. I let it cool and froze about half, and have been devouring the other half ever since, both on it's own, or with a little whipped cream, and even on toast (it's pretty jammy). It would be great on biscuits or English muffins as well.

I also, of course, always have some "No Machine Needed" ice cream in the freezer

And it tasted pretty darn good on that, too.

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