Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Summer Home for My Citrus

After three years of always putting the citrus in random places in the back yard (and having to move them every time we needed to mow) I have finally created a permanent "summer home" for my Citrus Collection and other tropicals (mainly fruiting varieties). The answer has been there for two years...all I needed was a couple of yards of mulch staring me in the face to realize it.
The random grouping of citrus, the banana, and the new little fig. The other figs were also in the Shade Garden. I get very nervous when I first move them outside of them frying in the sun, so I usually let them grow in dappled sunlight for a few weeks.

Dad to the rescue! Why had I not done this earlier?

By "this" I mean mulching beneath the pergola. It is always a pain to mow, and really a rather wasted space. It gets bright light most of the day, and good afternoon sun. I put down a heavy layer of newspaper to smother the grass, mulching as I went.
Perfecto! Those Sago palms (rescue plants) in the front have been withering for some months.

Room for all the figs! I still intend on planting at least one, maybe two, of the 'Chicago Hardy' figs on the South side of the house. The 'Texas Everbearing', 'Black Mission', and the new 'Desert King' (finally unfurling it's leaves) will have to come in in the winter. I also still need to move the tiny little 'Petite Negra' outside.
The citrus is all doing amazingly well. The poor Meyer lemons that had dropped so many (or all) of their leaves are bouncing back with a vengeance.

They are even giving me some new buds!

This Meyer lemon (the smallest and one that I have had the longest) is finally growing up.

The 'Ponderosa' lemon (who was also but a bare stick a few weeks ago) looks healthier than ever!

One of the 'Eustis' limequats. Now is the time to watch for suckers appearing below the graft. I think we are alright at the moment.

More new leaves and tiny flower buds.

The little Key lime is looking great!

More new growth (and a good look at the thorns) on one of the Meyer lemons.
I'm so happy to have given these guys a permanent home. The figs may move around a bit (they are tall enough to be rather attractive in their pots out in the Garden), but for the most part my Collection has a place to call least until October (I hope).
Oh! And now the grass can grow back.

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