Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Those Wascally Wabbits!

Ever since I had a Mama Rabbit come bounding out of the corner of the Berry Patch this Spring, I have been kind (sort of) and let the thistles and weeds grow tall to protect her and her brood. I've watered the berries low (to keep the varmints from drowning from an overhead shower...maybe) and have been careful when weeding not to get too far into the brush. Well, last week that Mama Rabbit really pissed me off...
This is the tangled mess of grass, thistle, and weeds. Very smart is the Mama Rabbit that builds a nest under some bad ass thistles.
This is what greeted me in the Cutting Garden last week-a row of Asiatic lilies snapped off, some leaves eaten, some just tossed aside.

This is how I greeted the Mama Rabbit on Sunday. I ruined her home. These thistles have thorns on their roots! It was a CHORE digging them out.
No rabbit charged out when I began digging, but as soon as I was done in the Berry Patch I walked over to the Kitchen Garden to begin watering and there was the big ass Mama Rabbit eating the peas!

Just snapped off and hanging. Peas and leaves eaten. UGH!

Then I noticed the Burgundy garden beans were also missing quite a few leaves. Where the hell was the rabbit getting in?

Besides, I thought rabbits liked to eat things like cabbage, and tender new mesclun, and carrots!  None of this had been touched.
I decided the only place such a fat rabbit could squeeze under was beneath the garden gate (plus the fact that the rabbit ran directly to the gate when I arrived with a jet of water from the hose). Repairs will have to be made, but until then, a barrier has been set up. The moral of the story-NEVER be kind to rabbits.

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