Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Plants from Logee's and Checking In On the Tropical Fruit

Today I had yet another box arrive from Logee's Greenhouses in Danielson, Connecticut. This time it was a new citrus tree, a new (and awesome) elephant ear, and a trio of scented geraniums. All had for a fraction of their regular price during one of the last clearance sales. If you like unusual plants (mostly tropical, but some hardy) I urge you to check out their website and sign up for emails. They have so many things I cannot find locally, and their history is pretty cool, too.

Once the new plants were potted up, I did a little check-up on the tropical fruit trees under the pergola. Everyone seems to be growing quite happily. I'm amazed at what a difference a summer spent outdoors means to these little (but growing quite big) plants.

I'm always amazed at what large plants can be packed in such little boxes. I was REALLY amazed at how large the Variegated Citron is!

This 'Mojito' Elephant Ear is even more beautiful than I had expected. Such amazing colors and patterns on the leaves. 

And more interesting leaves on the Variegated Citron.

Seriously. It is such a huge plant for the little pot. I only upped the pot I planted him in by about an inch, as citrus trees like to be a bit root bound.

My 'Super Dwarf Cavendish' banana is growing, growing, growing!

My ficus carica 'Desert King' has grown so much! You can see how small he was when I got him if you scroll down to the fifth picture here.

The Variegated Citron in his new home. 

This little ficus carica 'Petite Negra' has remained quite, well, petite. Since moving outside he has had a growth spurt, so I'm hoping this continues through the remainder of the Summer.

The 'Chicago Hardy' figs really are getting a routine down. We had a small crop when they moved outside, and now there are six coming on this one plant.

As well as an entire new branch! I had topped this pot with pea gravel when I moved it out of the Penthouse this past Spring. Not sure if it is really making a difference or not, but this plant seems to be doing better than the rest, so today I "tidied up" all of the figs with pea gravel.

The 'Black Mission' fig I brought back from Charleston is also getting a new branch. I just wish he was giving me figs!

Not a fruit, but a tropical, the nearly dead clearance sago palm is getting new leaves. The pergola might just be the best thing yet for all of the tropical plants!

Everyone happier than ever. It makes me a wee bit nervous to think of them all moving home this Fall, however.


  1. Hope you don't mind. We posted your blog on our FB and Word Press Blog. Nice job and thanks. http://logeesblog.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1377&action=edit&message=6&postpost=v2 and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Logees-Tropical-Plants/327578064548

  2. Don't mind at all! THANK YOU! It's quite an adventure growing tropicals in Northern Indiana. Now to find space for a greenhouse...