Thursday, July 5, 2012

Planting the Melon "Patch"

Alright, alright. It's barely a "Patch". However, I finally found a solution for where to plant the melons. After the Derecho (and my poor cell pack of melons were blown up against the house) I realized it was now or never. I got busy weeding what I call the "Ramble" (because it will one day be a rambling border with larger lilacs and forsythia and whatever else I end up planting...I mean, that was the plan at least) and think the melons will do fine out there. They have room to grow their roots, and plenty of dead grass all around to spread out on. I'm sort of excited to think that this may be the most successful we've ever been with melons of any sort!

The 'Superstar' melons muskmelons were a bit battered after Friday's Derecho!

I also had two little 'Sugar Baby' watermelons in desperate need of getting in the ground.

The melons all looked pretty good after their brush with Mother Nature.

And they all already have flowers, so here's hoping!
The cleaned up Ramble, all planted. Maybe I'll just use it for melons every year, since they, too, must ramble about a bit. All the grass is nearly dead, so I'm not too worried about the vines damaging the lawn at all. The sedum were just heeled in here last fall for a temporary home, although I'm not really sure where else they might end up.
And the 'Charleston Gray' watermelon I planted in a pot is doing pretty well, too. I may end up moving the pot, however, and give it a bit more space to, well, ramble.

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