Saturday, July 28, 2012

Purple in the White Garden? Out You Go!

Last Tuesday afternoon I noticed that something was amiss. One of the "white blooming" hostas in the White Garden was blooming. It was purple. Le sigh....
I thought I had done my due diligence, but perhaps the flowers had faded to white when I brought the plant home. Maybe the tag just said it bloomed white. Who knows? All I knew was that it had to come out.

So it did. Now it's happy over in the big shade bed. Mission 1 accomplished.

Moved this big guy (the hosta in the top of the pic) over from between the white hydrangeas to fill the empty spot.

Main's in New Haven is still having their 50% off sale, so I've been buying LOTS of Feverfew plants. I began using them as an edging on one side of the "path", and need to continue down the other side. Mission 2 halfway completed. Since they grow about 18" tall, there will still be room for lower annuals in front of them. 

My poor little Japanese anemone is making a comeback after a mulching incident. Basically a pile of mulch was place directly on top of him. I wasn't very happy, but everything is fine and no one was killed.

The white phlox looks and smells great, it's just a little stunted this year after multiple rabbit attacks.

Behind the space where the hosta had been (and a little in the space), I began planting Obedient Plant, which will get to be pretty tall and fill in this area. It blooms July through October, so it should help out with the post Spring doldrums in this Garden. These, too, are half price four packs from Main's.

Looking down at the edge of the "path". Someday I'll actually have some sort of edging stone or something to help set the path apart a bit better.

 Slowly but surely things get added. The white coneflower will hopefully grow in well in a few years (I think we've put in about twelve little guys), and the phlox will be safe from the rabbits, all of the white bleeding hearts will return, and the Japanese anemone will grow and grow and grow! Maybe I'll be able to find a few more white delphiniums, too. In the meantime, I'm still snatching up anything white that I can find.

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