Monday, July 9, 2012

Shade Garden Update

After last week's record breaking temperatures (we spent four days in a row hitting 100 degrees!) I'm glad to report that we are back into the more normal range of upper 80's and low 90's. It really makes a huge difference, believe it or not. Tuesday I hope to spend a good deal of time in the Garden weeding, mulching, and, of course, watering-the heat may be gone, but the drought continues. 

Here are some pictures of the Shade Garden I took on Sunday. As I said, this is one of my current favorite areas of the Garden. It is really beginning to take shape!

The Ligularia 'Little Rocket' seems to like it's new home in the Shade Garden. It still seems to wilt quite easily, but is doing much better here than in the full sun where I had originally planted it (as per the dumb tag). It will grow into a nice sized plant, 2-3 feet wide and 36-48 inches tall, and fill in this area quite well.

The Canadian wild ginger continues to grow nicely. A lot of weeding needs to be done in this bed.

We got a great deal on some heuchera at Main's half price sale (which, as of yesterday, is still going on). They are little, but will be a nice border along the path. I alternated lime green and purple. Impatiens are giving the color along the path this summer.

The final hellebore is finally planted and thankfully growing quite well.
These hostas have been in this spot for about 25 years. It's one of our main producers of hostas, as we have dug seedlings and divisions from this clump to provide at least 15 or more plants for two beds in the front yard. The heat and drought have really made them sad and wilted.

I don't believe I've ever needed to water hostas before. Hopefully they will begin to bounce back.
The new tree peony is still looking good. 
As is the Solomon's Seal. With all these new plantings, water has been as important here as it has been in the Kitchen Garden.

One of three clearance astilbe. These are all pink, although the flowers were already faded when I bought them for $2 each.

A newly planted (and new to the Garden) Brunnera. It gets pretty, blue, Forget-Me-Not-like flowers in the Spring, and it's leaves add some more texture to the Shade Garden.

My formerly lanky cut-leaf philodendron is VERY happy living in the Shade Garden this summer. So much new growth is wonderful!

A mystery hosta. I have it's name somewhere...

Another of the clearance astilbe. This one with some rather stunted blooms.

I've also put a couple of my "fancy" geraniums in the Shade Garden, where they seem to be thriving.

Impatiens...the old Shade Garden stand-by.

And here is a newly planted climbing hydrangea. I was worried that perhaps it would damage the old locust tree, but on Martha's blog (image 9) she shows a lot of her trees completely covered with climbing hydrangeas, and I'm pretty sure she's not looking to kill any of her old growth trees. I can't wait until it scrambles up the tree, covering the trunk.


  1. How funny you mention about watering your hostas. I just told Nick a couple of days ago that this is the first time since we have lived in our house (14 years) that I ever watered the hostas. Unfortunately a few in my backyard have died. And this is the year I was going to divide and plant some elsewhere - I was just waiting on the rain.

  2. Deb, I just walked around front yesterday to discover ALL of the hostas in the big front bed are flat out dead. What a pain. Guess I should start paying attention to the front yard, too.