Saturday, July 14, 2012

So I Bought Even MORE Tomatoes

So I had to run in at the Do It Best on Lima Road and saw a sign for sale plants. Being unable to resist, I looked in and saw the EXACT flat I wanted to buy about a month ago, but thought $15.99 was really pricey. Especially after I had already bought tomato plants. I looked today, and it was $2.00. Enough said.

Finding spots to plant them may be a chore, but they are all new (to us) tomatoes, mostly heirlooms, and incredibly exciting.
$2.00! I HAD to buy it!
Pretty excited about this.

Quite excited about this!

And EXTREMELY excited about this. I feel the growing season will be long enough, even for the 85 day ones. Fingers crossed! I can't wait. I had never even heard of a white tomato!

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