Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Southern Gothic? Or West Wayne Street?

I just ran across these pictures I took with my iPhone a few weeks ago while Guy and I were returning to the WC from the Deck, and as I was going through them I thought they looked very much like they might have been taken in some hot, humid, sleepy Southern town. Perhaps the heat (85 degrees at 12:30 in the morning) was getting to me, but as I snapped pictures I was thinking of "Other Voices, Other Rooms", "To Kill a Mockingbird", or any number of works written by Tennessee Williams. Hipstamatic makes things look slightly run down and derelict...like many of the places and characters in Southern Gothic fiction.

But then that's just what I was thinking.

See what I mean? This is the most Southern looking building in downtown Fort Wayne.

A Palladian Window at First Presbyterian.

Trinity English Lutheran Church has a wonderful garden that is lovely in the day, and mysteriously beautiful and creepy and quiet, at night.

Midnight in the garden...

If only I could have a cloistered garden...

A little touch of Charleston in Fort Wayne. I've always loved this house.

Do you see the crazy lady in the white dress in the upstairs window? Just kidding.

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