Friday, July 20, 2012

The Heat Hits the Hydrangeas...Hard

After all of the intense heat, the Garden is (I'm sorry to say) looking confused, warn out, thirsty, droopy, and drab. Please don't tell any of my plants I said that...but it's true. Sure there is a pure white and highly scented 'Casablanca' lily blooming, but  the daylilies were barely able to send up a single scape, the zinnias and cosmos look pissed off, the sweet peas never had a chance, and the heat has actually stunted the sunflowers in the Kitchen Garden. 

Ah, but I have my lovely, shady, Hydrangea Border coming into it's most beautiful moment about now. Right? Wrong. The four (or five? I don't like to remember) days of 100 degree plus heat has ruined any chance the Border had of looking glorious into the Fall. Ugh. It was even surviving the drought, with only two waterings a week. I'm hoping some of the "Endless Forever Beauty Whatever" ones will put out some new blooms after I deadhead, but I'm not holding my breath. We go from the entire Border threatened again and again by frost, to being ruined by the heat. C'est la vie, indeed!

The hostas and ferns are still green.
But the poor hydrangeas!

These guys are still rather plump, so maybe they will turn that lovely shade of green and I can cut some. They are definitely below average in size, however.

Just plain ugly. Mostly. I really can't call any of my plants ugly. They tried their best.
The impatiens never had a chance to bulk up.

Sad. Look at that once lovely lacecap (the second from the front). The flowers are brown, brown, brown. And after it grew so big this year!

Well, at least the hostas are blooming.

A blurry shot of the Hydrangea Border last September (or October?). The mopheads were still full and plump as they turned that lovely shade of green. Mother Nature, I bite my thumb at you!

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