Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weeding, Watering, and Pickin'...a Little

At the top of the chore list on Tuesday was weeding the paths in the Kitchen Garden. My dad had brought home some mulch that had been through the chipper shredder from a friend, and I thought it would be perfect for in the Kitchen Garden (as it was not AS attractive as the mulch we use in the other Garden beds).

There were actually very few weeds to be found since all of the damn lemon balm had pretty much taken over everywhere, and digging up those roots and runners was a real chore. I'm sure many will begin popping up in about two more days, but for now things look pretty nice. After that I moved in the mulch and then began cultivating and weeding around and between all of the plants. Cultivation is important to stir up nutrients and help water get absorbed more easily (I had noticed the water sort of running across the top of the soil in the large back bed). It was quite a bit of work, but now it's a job well done.

Let's start with a nice blurry picture. The clumps of things remaining in the paths are oregano or parsley...all of  the lemon balm is gone! The bed in the lower right is going to be dug and replanted with mesclun and some 'Black Seeded Simpson' leaf lettuce (it's supposed to be slow to bolt).

Okra is still growing nicely. Sort of. It enjoys the hot, dry weather, although I think the extreme heat may be stunting it a little. I got that weed out after I took the picture.

I'm a little concerned that it is already getting flowers when it's still so short.
The burgundy okra is growing so s-l-o-w!

Cucumbers are still growing tall and strong!

As is the zucchini.

All the cherry tomatoes are growing wonderfully. This is a 'Sungold' cherry.

I don't remember who is planted inside the bamboo tuteur. 

A red cherry.

A ripening Roma.

More Romas...

...that have blossom end rot! Oy! This is caused by a calcium deficiency, so egg shells are being saved to crush up into the ground around the plant before trying any additives. Thankfully this is the only plant suffering at the moment.

The 'Black Cherry' cherry tomatoes are delish! They get a bit darker than these here.

This tomatillo is growing tall...but the fruit isn't growing very fast.

A teeny tomatillo blossom.

This bed is crowded full of burgundy garden beans and peppers. I had hoped the peppers would have grown faster than the beans, but I'm afraid the beans are sort of  overtaking the peppers. 

A nice, clear picture of the cleaned up paths (although I ran out of mulch for the path closest to the camera).

The 'Charleston Gray' watermelon has grown through the chicken wire and is now growing up it. I think I need to divert it back towards the ground, as I'm not too sure the fence can support the weight of the melons.

As I was weeding the asparagus patch I ran across two more 'Casablanca' lilies I had planted and forgot about. This was a welcome surprise after the damn rabbits ate all the lilies!

The broccoli is going to seed, which means the end of broccoli. I might try and hack a few back and see what happens.

I'm beginning to believe that my "mystery" pumpkins or watermelons are pumpkins, since the watermelon seeds I still had are for the "Moon and Stars" watermelon, and these are definitely NOT what their leaves look like. So I guess we'll have pumpkins?

The Brussels sprouts are growing well. In the background you can see the ferny asparagus leaves. It's important to let the asparagus grow up and out for the Summer, allowing the roots to grow and multiply.

More 'Casablanca' lilies getting ready to open!

The next mess to tackle. I want to move all of the lavender out of the Kitchen Garden to the border of lavender in the Cutting Garden. But first I need to dig out chives to make room for it. Ugh. The thyme will probably move over to the Mint Patch where the "living mulch" of thyme I planted last year is growing amazingly well.

Not too much longer before I can pick some cabbage!

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