Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Night Off

The new bar cabinet has lead to some rearranging and editing up at the Penthouse, which has lead to the Penthouse being in complete disarray, which, naturally, has lead to me not wanting to BE at the Penthouse. Last night I decided screw it, it's a perfect night, and I want to be outside. Besides, my friend Joel needed some practice piloting the pontoon before he takes the title of Captain Joel (which, by the way, occurred tonight, so if you're in the mood for a river cruise, head down to the Deck).

 I snapped some photos with my phone on the walk down to the Deck because, well, it was just such a beautiful evening! 

Good old Lincoln Tower.

That sky! 

My fair city. 

Some maintenance going on at Freimann Square. "Helmholtz", a sculpture by Mark di Suvero is being repainted it's bright red-orange color.

A very long overdue cruise down the Saint Mary's. The first time this Summer!

Looking up at the new Martin Luther King, Junior Memorial Bridge

Heading towards West Central before turning around. A perfect night.

I know there are naysayers out there, but I really like the new bridge!

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