Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baked Orzo with Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers, and Zucchini

Yet another recipe from the New York Time's via Alexis Stewart's blog. I had printed this off a few weeks ago and have been talking about making it for about that long. On Sunday at the Farmer's Market I mentioned the recipe to my friend Mary (who is doing an awesome job making a pie a week) while we were discussing using up zucchini, and she was talking about making the exact same thing for dinner! I didn't get around to it on Sunday (things were a wee bit nutty Sunday night) but did make it yesterday. It was supposed to be a Meatless Monday post, put things got a wee bit nutty last night as well.

Here is the recipe. It was very tasty, and really tastes exactly like summer. It's so nice to use up everything that is in season (or the garden) right now!

Roasting the peppers. Keep turning them until they are nice and charred (they will pop and sizzle) and then toss them into an empty covered pan to steam for a bit. The skins peel off much easier that way.

Simple ingredients for the height of Summer!

Chopped up the pepper...

sauteed the zucchini...

...and cooked down the garlic and tomatoes. 

Mix it all up and add the Parmesan. Popped in in the oven until it was all melty and slightly browned.

I didn't take a pretty plated picture, as James was texting non-stop to get me down to Champions (a place that makes you feel as if you missed your flight and are drowning your sorrows at the hotel bar). Perhaps I need to start posting about the nutty nights...


  1. i feel so famous! we pushed the orzo back to thursday (nutty here too!) looks great.

    1. How was the orzo? I gobbled it up in a few days!