Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mr. Bashful

While watering the other day (I'm getting really tired of typing those words) I stopped by the little Pygmy Date Palm to see how it was doing. He was a rescue plant (rescue meaning clearance) and has benefited quite a bit from being outside soaking up the sun this summer. Lots of new growth and greening up. As I was looking I saw this little guy. He didn't want his picture taken.
Hold still!

Come on! Actually, when I zoom in on this pic, I think this is a female as it looks like the very tip of his/her abdomen has the two little appendages used to dig holes to lay eggs. Did you know I was an Orthopterologist? Alright, I'm not. I had to Google the difference between male and female grasshoppers. And then Google Orthopterology.

I guess this is all she/he is going to give me. Good job hiding, Mr./Ms. Bashful!

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