Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Watermelons...and Another Little Melon Makes Four!

While watering this afternoon, I looked down to see if I could find the teeny little watermelon that had started a week or so ago. Then it was barely the size of the tip of my finger. My how it has grown.

I looked down amongst the mint (and weeds) to see this monster!

Alright, alright. He's not a monster yet. They say he could way 25 pounds! I cannot believe how fast it has grown!

And then I found another!

And another! Forgive my excitement as I've never had the room to grow melons. These 'Charleston Gray' melons have all grown out of the pot and through the fence (with a little prodding), and are now winding through the Mint Patch. One vine is clinging to the chicken wire, but I am afraid it will have to come down, as I doubt the poor chicken wire can handle that weight.

Then, as I continued to water, I spied this little orb in the Ramble turned Melon Patch!

This 'Sugar Baby' is still really little, but I am still really excited! Now if only the pumpkins and cantaloupe would catch up!

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