Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Squirrels Have Been Helping Out, Or Something

Well, not really. But all of the sunflower seeds they have been stealing from the bird feeders and digging up my beds to "store" for the winter are sprouting and actually growing pretty well...all over the yard. Could it be that the squirrels are actually really smart and are growing their own crops so they will have even more seeds this winter? Nah. Squirrels are jackasses.
This lovely clump is growing quite well in the Shade Garden near the new hellebore. In fact, almost all of the seeds have been planted in the Shade Garden and Hydrangea Bed. Clearly they know nothing about growing sunflowers. Stupid squirrels.

These were planted in a pot where my impatiens were constantly dug out and flung about. I grew very impatient and just stopped replanting (as well as let a dandelion start growing).

Another nice sized plant growing near the Solomon's Seal.

And then we have some really large ones growing in one of the patio planters. I almost cut these to take home today, since they are actually quite pretty. I guess this just proves that with squirrels you win some and you lose a lot more. Jerks.


  1. Lol! We have a stalk of corn that comes up in a mystery spot every year...last year it was in the lily bed, this year it is in the back perrenial garden...squirrels, good thing they are cute! When should I harvest the seeds from my sunflower plants?

  2. Ah yes. I'm familiar with the rogue corn stalks. Squirrels aren't cute, Tara. They are awful, glittery-eyed opportunists who will do anything to get someone else's loot. They cheer on the rabbits as they eat your perennials, and chase off the birds you WANT at the feeders.
    Anyway, I'm not sure. My guess would be that as soon as the birds or squirrels are going after the seeds, they are ready to harvest. ;-)