Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What To Do With All The Cherry Tomatoes?

You roast them, and then puree them for a quick pasta "sauce".

It has been too hot to cook (again) so I had an increasing amount of cherry tomatoes (as well as a few smaller heirlooms) that were getting dangerously close to going bad. So I sliced them, chopped up an onion, tossed in some garlic, and roasted them in the oven at 400 degrees until they were soft and cooked and juicy. I know it sounds strange to have the oven on when I'm complaining about the heat, but you just close the door and walk away. Minimal movement and no cooking over the stove is cool enough for me.

All cut up. Tons of cherries (red, orange, and "black") as well as a few smallish 'Black Prince' heirloom tomatoes. Cut up an onion and added some garlic. Tossed with olive oil and into the 400 degree oven. You could also add basil, but remove it before pureeing.

About 45 minutes later...or an hour. It depends on the oven, or the tomatoes, or whatever. Just peak in after a half hour to see how they are doing. You don't want them to get burnt, but they can get a wee bit brown. I usually use the onion as a guide.

Toss it all in a food processor and presto!

Ready for the freezer. You could add some water (or tomato juice) to thin it into more of a sauce. I always use it as a base when I make summer pasta (you know, chop up tomatoes, onions, carrots, eggplant-basically whatever is growing in the garden). The oven roasting just gives it that much more flavor. Plus the tomatoes piling up on your counter won't go to waste!


  1. looks good! we've got a pile of tomatoes. :) some will go with the okra i am fixing tonight!

  2. How was the okra? Mine is growing s-l-o-w! Picked one little pod today. The good news is that there are a lot coming!