Thursday, September 20, 2012

And Away They Go!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm getting a bit nervous about the cooler temperatures. Even though we made it through the 38 degrees the other night, Sunday's low is forecast to be 37! It warms up next week, but I'm planning on beginning the big move in this weekend anyway (maybe even round one tomorrow). In the meantime, while walking around the Garden yesterday and making my mental Fall Clean-Up list, I decided to go ahead and shove the amaryllis into their cabinet in the garage.

Once again they've grown so nicely outside all summer, and the bulbs are nice and plump. I really hope Dad puts this bench on his list of projects for the winter...I have the nicest shade of grey in mind for it.

And here they sit, with the bug spray and leftover paint. See you in 8 weeks (or so)!

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