Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn Arrives on West Berry

Looking out the Penthouse's big living room windows yesterday morning I spied some changes in the trees. I love sweater weather, but I'm not quite ready for the wind down of the Summer. There are tons of tomatoes in the garden that need to ripen. I need to prepare the dining room for the return of the tropicals (which makes me nervous as they usually just need to lump along for about 71/2 months inside-time to get some new, hot bulbs for the grow lights). And I haven't even begun to buy bulbs. 

It's only September 19th, for crying out loud!
It's just a tinge, but the leaves they are a changin'!
I'm not sure why the poor old ash in the foreground was never cut down, but the leaves changing to red right behind can only mean Fall is on the way! 
And the lows in the forecast have me scrambling to attempt to move all of the tropicals home! This doesn't usually need to happen until October!

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