Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Bulb Planting Begins

Last Fall we started planting crocus bulbs in the lawn between the pergola and the Berry Patch, and had a rather successful show of them this Spring. They looked so wonderful popping up in clumps here and there in the greening grass we decided to plant more, starting with some 'Blue Pearl' crocus bulbs. Thankfully Junior was over so it was a job well, and quickly, done.
"Uncle Matt! What are these ones called?" Blue Pearl. "Oh. Why?" Because that's their name. "Their name is Blue Pearl? What's these ones name?" Ruby Giant. "Oh! Ruby Giant! Why are these ones called Ruby Giant?" This went on for quite a while.
I grabbed the weeder and started digging holes in the grass. Junior began trying to find the holes so he could plant the bulbs.

He learned quite fast, and actually did almost all of the planting while I dug (and pointed to the holes). The bulb goes in...
...a handful of dirt on top...

...and pat the soil down and smooth out the grass. One down, and 34 to go! (and then 35 'Ruby Giant' bulbs)
He ended up a bit dirty, but that's alright. Free labor is the best kind of labor!

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