Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everyone Home, Safe and Sound

It has been a busy week, but at last all of the tender plants (except the big and little rosemary, which will be OK until Friday) have come home to the Penthouse to settle in for the Winter. I only hope they settle in alright.

The Upright Elephant Ear I managed to smuggle back from Charleston only grew two pretty large leaves.
And now he is potted up and warm in the Penthouse. The grow lights make him look yellower than he actually is.
With everyone having grown so much over the Summer, space is at a premium this year. I decided to bring up the old "green house" from a few years ago (though I would have preferred using the matching Metro shelves on loan to my sister) and purchased a few more grow lights. I still need to get at least two more, but so far so good.

My oldest, and smallest, Meyer lemon is going crazy with blooms! I really hope I get some fruit this year!

And I cannot wait to smell the blossoms!
Here's what I was afraid of-the 'Desert King' fig was out too long in the cooler nights and has begun to go dormant. I'll keep a close eye on him, as this has happened to almost all of my figs, both "hardy" and non before. I'm not worried at this point.

Smaller plants are in the top of the old shelves. I definitely need a few more grow lights.

My banana tree seems alright living in the front windows right now. He continues to put out about one leaf a week, and his pup is growing right along with him.

I'm really nervous about facing a long Winter with this guy, but so far so good. I fill his pie plate with water daily, and he continues to put out more leaves. I really love this 'Mojito' elephant ear!
And my newest (and last for the year) additions to the tropical plants are these two Stephanotis vines I bought from Logee's. I need to get them potted up! They can tolerate moderate light and dry conditions, so they should do just fine in the Penthouse.


  1. i seriously dont know much about planting, thats andy's job over here... but andy digs up our elephant ear bulbs and places them in a garbage bag in our basement for the winter; our elephant ear regrow each spring/summer and are HUGE/multiple like crazy every year. if you want to give me bulbs to store, i can store them for you ...

  2. Thanks Mary! I only care about the 'Mojito', which doesn't really "beef up" enough to overwinter dug as a bulb. The upright elephant ear that I brought home from Charleston would prolly be fine, but I like the way he looks, so I'm attempting to keep him alive in the house. If he looks scary, I'll dig him and store him. Perhaps after your 52 Pies is over, you can start a Gardening 101 blog! ;-)