Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Cleaning (and Editing) Begins

 The Penthouse had gone to hell. 

I don't know if it was a mix of Summer (more time spent gardening and Decking than cleaning and homekeeping) or being tired after work and not wanting to do anything except watch trashy TV and, well, go to the Deck. Maybe it was just the HEAT! All Summer was so hot and awful I NEVER wanted to be at home, inside, sweating and least of all cleaning when I could be at a ball game, some sort of "fest" (there seemed to be more than usual this year), or, well, at the Deck (or, to be fair, the Rail). Whatever it was, suddenly I noticed some thrift store finds piling up on the dining room table, stacks stacked upon stacks of magazines next to my desk, produce from the farmer's market wasting away in the refrigerator, and clothes (oh, the clothes) piling up in my bedroom. Glass was less glittery. Mirrors were streaked. And the pantry was a DISASTER! I kept up on vacuuming the floors, dusting the furniture, and washing dishes, of course, but the rest of the Penthouse was looking downright dingy. 
The most annoying to me? The bookcases in my bedroom. They were dusty (despite half-ass Swiffering), and had suddenly become a catch-all for everything that I had no other place to put. Therefore, they were the jumping off point. I started last Friday around 11 o'clock at night, and finished the entire thing today. I was filthy, but I am much happier with how everything looks and cannot wait to go to sleep. 

Editing is exhaustifying! Now for the kitchen...

I had already started removing things, but you see the general mess. I had liked the two shelves of milk glass and whiteware, but constantly finding new milk glass (I swear I'm going to start renting it at work for weddings) and just setting vases or, uh, mercury glass reindeer willy nilly was really getting on my nerves.

Look! Books! They were being buried by crap! Alright, not crap. But they were being buried by things that were not where they belonged. I'm also glad I filled the top shelves with books so that you can't tell there are no backs to them.
The majority of the milk glass is now gathered across the top and I love it. Now other pieces just sort of punctuate the books enough to sort of carry the white throughout. Plus, every shelf, book, and vase is CLEAN! Like, washed in the sink and each spine dusted with a damp cloth clean. 

Books are a wee bit better organized again, too. Biographies above Edith Wharton...

...Fiction, World History (mostly British, French, and Russian) and Classics...

And the MSLO section. I think I've said before that the old drop-front writing desk is the most moved piece of furniture in the Penthouse. Well, it has moved again (and hides all that stuff that was cluttering the shelves, but that I still use, behind it). It also helped raise the lamp (that I sort of want to swap out) so it actually casts light to read by. Plus, all of the back issues of Martha Stewart Living are at my fingertips, rather than behind the old nightstand where they had been languishing because of my poor organizing.