Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lazy Tortilla Soup

After a busy weekend of fun and frivolity (perhaps a bit too much frivolity...I had a touch of the Brown Bottle Flu on Sunday after a wonderful reception celebrating the marriage of two friends), followed by watching Sandy hit last night, I decided to do NOTHING today. Nothing at all. I have been looking at laundry that needs to be put away, magazines that could be tidied up, and gourds I wanted to use to decorate the Penthouse. 

Eh. I'll get to it tomorrow.

I was hungry, though, and ran across a souper (heh heh) easy recipe that you can tweak however you want. I used up some of the frozen corn from the summer, and only had a fresh tortilla (no chips) and veggie stock. However, it is pretty good. Especially on a cold, drizzly, bleak sort of day. Hey, it's better than just opening a can of soup (which I, of course, do not have in my pantry)!

Garlic and chili powder. 

Dump everything else in and stir really hard so the picture is blurry. Oh, I also didn't use any water, and probably used more than the called for 14oz of stock (as I just used up a container I had opened the other day).

Yum. Really. 

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