Thursday, November 1, 2012

175 More Bulbs

Despite the weather throwing a wrench or two in the plans (two weeks of my days off being rainy) we have, bit by bit, continued planting bulbs in preparation for Spring. Last week, late in the day, we managed to get another 175 mixed tulip bulbs planted all around the front beds. 

And I had a great helper.

The mixed bags were all basically the same colors, so we dumped them all together and mixed them even more.

Hammin' it up. I really should have separated that mass of muscari. I probably could have bordered the entire bed beneath the magnolia.

Whenever I'm not watching, Junior peels the skin off the bulbs. Then he laughs uncontrollably.

We went all around beneath the magnolia in groups of three or five.

I would dig a hole, and Junior would toss in the bulbs. As the sun was going down I quickly dug about five holes over in the big bed where we planted larger numbers of tulips (they didn't all go under the magnolia). Now I really just have a few daffodils to plant, maybe 30 tulips, and a LOT of hyacinths. I'm just not sure where. Thankfully it is not raining tomorrow, so after work I just might be able to get almost everything else planted.

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