Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Month Over!

Today I'm thankful for the first month of overwintering being well behind me. October 3 would have really been the close of the first month, but today I actually began giving everyone their one month "check ups". Each Winter it's the same story-many successes, and several disasters. Aside from leaf drop, the citrus trees are all doing well. Indeed, some are doing better than ever! And my greedy eyes have, of course, caused me to add new plants, both from Logee's as well as from that dear old clearance rack I can never turn away from. Those poor plants need me! I know I'm crazy, and running out of room, but I really cannot help it. 

Why oh why didn't I save my money to build a greenhouse at my parents' house?

I'm going to break this post down in the upcoming days, as my "Collections" have grown so much that it would be a rather long post. For now, here's a shot of a success! 
I'm afraid no fruit has set yet, but I'm still hopeful. The fragrance of the Meyer lemon blooms really is intoxicating.

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