Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Soon...Magpie Vintage

At long last my pal Abs is getting a shop to call her own to house (and more importantly, sell) her wide ranging collections of awesome vintage, antique, and just plain chic items. Final tweaks are being made to displays, and a few of the last boxes are being unpacked, but the shop should be up and running JUST in time for last minute Christmas shopping. She will be taking the Historic Wells Street Corridor by storm!

Oh, and the prices are superb!

Here's a sneak peak! 

A painting to brighten any corner. Honestly, this is hanging in the darkest corner of the shop and it really does brighten it up.

Inspired by the French Chef, all of the kitchen gadgets are hung a la Child!

Not only do these items look great displayed in your kitchen, they actually work! Disclaimer- hands not included with the sifters.

Bring a little of No.3 Beekman Place to your home with these great framed accents from the Orient. Auntie Mame would approve! 

A pair of blushing vintage bar stools. Perfect for the kitchen counter or craft table!

An original painting of a studious young man found among a ton of random papers and prints from an auction house. He should be in one's study. (easel not for sale)

At Magpie Vintage there is ALWAYS a lot of bar accoutrement. 

This Mid-Century sofa will have your neighbors green (or teal) with envy! (the picture is quite awful, the couch is quite awesome)
Gifts for the people who have everything! I would buy this globe if I had a kid, so you better grab it before I put in the order for that baby I've been wanting!

Old cameras, a great typewriter, wonderful desk lamp. Put them on your shelf and they are guaranteed  to make you seem more interesting to strangers.

And this awesome scenic view table lamp thingy.

If I had a kid I would totally buy this, too. 

Great outfit for running errands, Lee Radziwill style!

If I had a baby I would...never mind.
And after a long day of running around after the kids, working in the kitchen, decorating like Mame Dennis, dressing like Lee Radziwill, stopping at the bar cart, consulting your globe, and typing recipe cards at your typewriter, Abs still has everything you need to get ready to look you best for when that special someone gets home.

Or for when you stare at the wonderful painting you brought home that really brightens up that corner.

Stay tuned for the opening date and store hours!

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