Friday, December 21, 2012

"Mom's Apple Cake"-Great For Christmas Morning

Here's another recipe I ran across on Alexis Stewart's blog for what was called "Mom's Apple Cake". It wasn't from her mom, and it's not from my mom, so who's mom is it? Hitting the link I saw that it was from Smitten Kitchen, another great place I used to visit quite often but have neglected as of late for some reason. Oh well, not anymore! There is a fun little story to go with the recipe

It really is an easy recipe, though mine took quite a bit over the 1.5 hour bake time. It is really tasty on its own, and really, really tasty warmed with coffee the next day. Maybe make this on Christmas Eve for Christmas morning. Or Christmas Eve Eve if you are short on time. Either way, just make it!

Chopping the apples is the most time consuming part. I even used a wooden spoon to mix it all in a bowl (as I thought some one's mom would do it that way rather than using the stand mixer).

Half of the batter.

Then half of the apples. I might try to make another one before Christmas, but with the addition of cranberries. I'll let you know how it goes.

Repeat with the rest of the batter and then the second half of apples.

All done!
Since I was slicing it to pack up I just left it on the tube. You can see the layers of apples, and the smell of cinnamon is wonderful! So, so good! What are you making for Christmas morning?


  1. saw the original post (love that blog) but this looks amazing here, you've convinced me.